Cross Browser Testing Checklist

Here is a Cross Browser Testing Checklist you could follow while testing your site on different Operating systems and Browsers.


1. List out browsers and operating systems your target audience use.
2. Setup all required browsers for testing.
3. Keep all mobile devices handy or setup emulators or simulators.

Below mentioned items need to test on different Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac and different browsers (with different versions) like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

1. Verify the HTML validation – validator
2. Verify the CSS validation – js validator
3. Verify the page validations with or without JavaScript enabled
4. Verify the Ajax and JQeury functionality
5. Verify the SSL work correctly in all browsers
6. Verify the alignment of the elements in a web page
7. Verify the spacing between the elements in a web page
8. Verify the font color, font size of the elements in a web page
9. Verify the page layout in different resolutions
10. Verify the spacing between the elements in a web page
11. Verify the styles/effects given are reflecting properly
12. Verify file uploading and file downloading functionality
13. Verify the images are loading after uploading
14. Verify the image alignment and alt tags
15. Verify the text alignment
16. Verify the links in a web page are navigating properly or not
17. Verify the buttons in a web page
18. Verify the popups
19. Verify the videos are working
20. Verify whether the mobile devices are able to scroll up and down the pages properly
21. Verify whether the audio, video and image files are able to upload from devices or desktop
22. Verify the zoom in and out the web pages
23. Verify the Date formats
24. Verify the Tool Tips and mouse hover
25. Verify the Drop-down fields
26. Verify the appearance of horizontal and vertical scrollbar
27. Verify the consistency of animation and flash work
28. Verify the alignment of checkboxes, radio buttons, and forms
29. Verify the Grids/Tables in the page
30. Verify the sessions and cookies

Keep this Cross Browser Testing Checklist handy while doing Cross Browser Testing. If you have any other thoughts, please comment in the comments session below.

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